Priority Bridge Cultural Fit Assessment™
How it works


Determine the priorities

of your hiring team.

When a company is looking for the ideal candidate, traditionally, the way they determine a person’s capabilities is by looking at three primary attributes: knowledge, skills, and abilities (KSAs). This information is the first level of insights about the candidate, and it provides a snapshot of what a candidate has accomplished and of what they are capable.

With Priority Bridge Cultural Fit Assessments, we enable hiring teams to identify the next level of insights by defining key cultural fit attributes or characteristics of a successful candidate beyond the KSAs and then quantifying the priorities based on each team member’s feedback.

Our innovative solution calculates a baseline sentiment of the hiring team by identifying the rank order of priorities and then accurately measuring the magnitude of importance of each. This information will then be used during the candidate matching process to determine cultural fit.


Invite candidates to complete

Priority Bridge Cultural Fit Assessments.

Combining the comparative judgment process with Priority Bridge’s innovative predictive analytics engine, we guide the participant through a series of prioritization prompts that enable us to measure the magnitude of importance between two criteria. As you’ll see, there’s no more accurate, more reliable way to gauge a person’s true sentiment.

Let’s take ice cream, for example. Which approach do you think more accurately reflects the respondent’s true sentiment?


Compare your priorities

with those of your candidates.

Once a person completes the cultural fit assessments, we calculate a Candidate Match Index Score that shows how well they fit with the hiring team’s priorities.

These results provide clear, quantifiable insights about your individual candidates and illuminate what is truly important to them—valuable information when you’re investing in a new hire. Below is a sample output of the Candidate Match Index Summary:

With just a quick a glance, you can easily see how well your candidates align with your unique culture and the criterion for the job. Understanding each other’s attitudes about what is important for the position not only saves you time, it helps you determine the best cultural fit.

Hit the Bullseye

Every. Single. Time.

A resumé tells a story. But not the whole story. When it comes to screening job applicants, the old ways are outdated, biased and can lead to needless turnover. Streamline your hiring process and hire the right person for the job — with Priority Bridge.

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