2-2 Business Culture and Studebaker

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Business Culture and Studebaker

2-2 Business Culture

Unique and Individual Individuals, groups, associations and businesses all have unique compositions. This is not their core values, but it is how they currently engage those in their group and those outside their group based on their core values. Those outside their groups include vendors, past customers, current customers, perspective employees, etc.…

Not Core Values Core Values are laid in the foundation of a business by the founders. Core values remain constant. They are neither descriptions of the work, nor strategies, operating procedures, or tactics. They are the building blocks upon which the company was created and the future laid. Culture can change as the individuals in charge interpret the core values differently over time.

These cultures are all unique to the group and to the time to which they belong. Cultures can change over time. The culture of an organization 20 years ago or 50 years ago may be different than it is today. That means the interpretation can differ as people change.

Studebaker was a culture of innovativeness, pride in workmanship, world class quality and reliability. Founded in 1852, by 1892 it was the world’s largest buggy and wagon producer. The Budweiser wagon pulled by the Clydesdales was built by Studebaker in 1902. They converted to automobile manufacturing in the early 20th century. Hugely successful, they were part of the Fortune 500 until they were purchased. The last car was produced in 1966. One of the main reasons for their failure was lack of quality control. Their culture had changed. The interpretation of the values had shifted.

A 2018 Deloitte study found that 94% of corporate leaders and 88% of a corporation’s employees believe a business’s chance of success is directly correlated to a strong culture. In new organizations, the culture is a result of its leadership. Leadership and employees must understand an organization’s culture in any company for it to achieve long-term success.

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