1-1 Part 1 Safeguarding Your Human Resources Zoom Meetings

Tuesday, May 19, 2020 by -Priority Bridge

1.1 Part 1 Safeguarding Your Human Resources Zoom Meetings VIRTUAL MEETING SETTINGS

Much of what is discussed in human resources virtual meetings involves retention, hiring and culture. Zoom is the most widely used platform but has received unwarranted publicity regarding others breaking into private meetings. Zoom Video Communications, Inc. released suggestions on safeguarding meetings, many of which are included here.

There are measures you can take prior to the meeting taking place.

The host has numerous tools that can be implemented during a meeting.

There are many other resources available that can increase the ability to safeguard your meeting.

What you say in a meeting should stay in a meeting. Preparation and training will help you protect critical information in our world today of a work at home environment. There are many software-based conference platforms. These include Zoom, Webex, Skype and GoToMeeting. Each have their advantages and disadvantages. Whichever you use, understanding how to protect the integrity of your meetings is important.

•	Turn on the waiting room.
•	A good idea is to leave it on as a default.
•	Attendees are admitted under the foresight of the host.
•	The host is alerted who is in waiting room.
•	The host can message those in the waiting room of any delays etc.
•	Meeting guidelines can be added to the waiting room.
•	Host can remove participants back to waiting room or exclude them from the meeting.
•	Use unique meeting IDs for public meetings.
•	Insures only invited individuals can access meeting.
•	For personal meetings, your personal meeting ID (PMI) allows others a handy way to contact you.
•	Have a password necessary to join meeting.
•	A password should be required for personal or public meetings.
•	The password should be unique for each meeting.
•	The password should be random.
•	Allow only enrolled users to attend.
•	Attendees need to register with e-mail and name.
•	Attendees can be restricted to only those having particular domain addresses.

The following blog will detail how the host of a meeting can manage a meeting more productively as well as more efficiently.

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