4.5 A light in the Dark: Priority Bridge Organizational Culture Benchmark

Sunday, Dec 6, 2020 by -Priority Bridge

4-5: A Light in the Dark: Priority Bridge Organizational Culture Benchmark

During the hiring process, finding candidates that share similar values as current organizational members ensures the new hire is a strong cultural fit; but what if the organizational values are unclear? How can an HR team successfully determine if candidates are aligned with goals, values, or other activities and metrics of the organization if they do not even know what those are? Or perhaps the hiring team may believe they have a good grasp of what is important to the organization, when in reality those are not the case? This is like trying to thread a needle in the dark - very nearly impossible. The Priority Bridge Organizational Culture Benchmark tool helps shed some light on this predicament.

A benchmark is simply a reference point. Benchmarking is a process of introspection, analysis, and adaptation. When utilized for internal purposes in an organization, benchmarking provides the opportunity to take a closer look at how processes are managed and ideas fostered with quantitative data. Taking the time to clearly record where the organization is currently will provide meaningful measures to base future improvements and performance on. Once the current benchmarks are clearly defined, then creativity and innovation take center stage to imagine and implement new ways of adapting to make the organization even better.

It is clear that finding job candidates that align with a company’s unique culture is very important for sustainable productivity, cohesion, and job satisfaction. However, if the facets of the culture are not first clear to current organizational members, trying to find people that resonate with those elusive values will be a challenge. Thus, the first step must be to clearly define what the organizational culture truly is - what the organization and its members value and the types of goals it works towards. This is where Priority Bridge can lend a hand.

The Priority Bridge Organizational Culture Benchmark is targeted to organizations in order to help them establish and quantify their culture. Many organizations are interested in a few key areas: 1) They may be unsure how to define and measure their current cultural environment. 2) They would like to conduct an updated and quantified external review of their cultural environment. 3) They wish to have external cultural subject matter experts review their turnover and quantify their cultural effectiveness in attracting and retaining their chosen employees.

The Organizational Culture Benchmark product uses similar technology as the Cultural Fit Assessment. Leveraging the AI engine and software package, it is designed to be deployed in several ways. The Organizational Culture Benchmark can be conducted organization wide, within a specific department, or even implemented individually on a department by department basis. This Assessment includes a variety of analyses and reports to review the findings by…

  • Overall Organizational Aggregates
  • Individual Department Results
  • Age Banding
  • Gender Views
  • Number of Years with the Organization
  • Ad hoc customized reports are also available for purchase

From the review of the desired group within the organization or the company as a whole, a baseline - the organizational culture benchmark - will be formed and quantified. This can be used for all future employment candidates, as well as providing critical input to strategic planning and future activities that impact organizational strategy, directions, and successes. Understanding the unique culture of an organization enables leaders to develop strategies more closely aligned to those values. Additionally, a hiring process that is informed by the culture can be developed. This ensures that new hires will find fulfillment and satisfaction in their role within the unique culture of the company.

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