10-1: Finding a Needle in a Haystack: Make Recruiting Easier

Friday, Jul 10, 2020 by -Priority Bridge

10-1: Finding a Needle in a Haystack: How Priority Bridge Can Make Recruiting Easier

Finding a needle in a haystack is challenging. Do you know what is even more difficult? Finding a job candidate that checks all the qualification boxes and is also a spectacular cultural fit for a company. Another essential factor of the talent acquisition process is making sure it is free of any biases the recruiter may have, whether they know it or not.

There’s no doubt about it - recruiting can be hard work.The long hours spent combing through thousands of resumes can be a tedious process. Recruiters know the importance of identifying candidates that have experience and skills that will allow them to add value to the company. These skills are easy to find as they are stated clear as day on an individual’s resume. What is more difficult to determine is how well they will compliment the culture of the company. This is typically determined during the interview process based on the interviewer’s perception of the candidate. While this is how things have been done for years, that does not mean that they are the only correct path.

Recruiting is a time consuming process with high stakes. The time and training devoted to a new hire is a valuable investment that can disappear overnight if they decide to leave the company. This is why it is so essential to find the right person for the right job — the first time, every time. Let Priority Bridge help make your recruiting process easier.

Priority Bridge is a proprietary software application that helps you quantify how well a candidate will fit into your company culture - without any bias. Making hiring decisions without conscious and unconscious biases is critical to give every candidate an equal opportunity to get the job, no matter their race, color, national origin, religion, age, gender, sexual orientation, or disability. Priority Bridge allows you to hide information on a candidate’s resume, such as their name, so that it can be objectively reviewed - effectively creating an anonymous screening process that is completely bias-free.

The Priority Bridge Cultural Fit Assessment is the best way to determine how well a candidate’s priorities align with those of the company. As a recruiter or a member of a hiring team, you will define the priorities you feel are most important to the company’s culture and goals. Candidates then take the assessment, where each priority is compared against each other. This results in quantifiable data that, when compared with the responses of the hiring team, show how closely the candidate’s most important priorities match those of the company. This ensures the candidate is the right fit for your unique culture.

Don’t waste time and money hiring the wrong people. Make better hiring decisions using Priority Bridge to find the best cultural fit for your company in a bias-free manner. Priority Bridge empowers hiring professionals to eliminate the subjectivity, increase the recruiting effectiveness, and reduce the expense of turnover when searching for the ideal candidate.

Priority Bridge LLC. Is dedicated to helping organizations of all types achieve greater success by using a proprietary analytical process that increases the cultural fit of employees to an organization. Eliminate Bad Hires. For Good. Hire right the first time, every time with the right cultural fit using Priority Bridge.

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