2.5 Benchmark Your Cultural Fit

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2.5 Benchmark your Cultural Fit

A Sigmoid Curve is a mathematical function having an “S” shaped curve. It has time on the horizontal axis and activity on the vertical axis. Most everything can be described by five stages:

The initial development stage The concept– product is presented A The concept– product experiences sharp growth Growth slows as maturity of the concept– product sets in The idea declines B

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(Friedman- Savage Double-Inflection Utility Function)

Nothing goes on forever. This includes the concept of what a good cultural fit is. A cultural fit profile changes as an organization evolves; therefore, the profile needs to be monitored and evaluated regularly. The more robust an organization, the more frequently this should be done.

Business people know all too well that a stable business environment can change very quickly, and the type of people you need to fit into that new culture may differ from what you currently have.Those who anticipate the next change will gain a competitive edge and be able to hire the type of individuals required to succeed.

Charles Handy published a book, The Empty Raincoat, where he described a need to anticipate and adapt to the next changes when everything appears to be working well presently rather than waiting for the changes to be imposed upon you by the marketplace.

Studebaker was the worlds’ largest manufacturer of buggies and wagons at the turn of the 20th century. All the organization’s employees knew what they had to do in that culture. Then a cataclysmic event occurred. The need for wagons disappeared as automobiles were introduced. The company was able to revamp its culture, and for the next 50 years it was a successful automobile manufacturer. Through two world wars, a great depression, and a post war boom, it continued to evolve. Then, they forgot to look forward, and now they are gone, along with thousands of other companies.

The cultural fit of an organization does not continue indefinitely, and you need to be ready for what comes next.

Priority Bridge Cultural Assessment is the best way to benchmark what your cultural fit looks like.

2.5 Benchmark Your Cultural Fit

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