4.3 Cultural Fit Tests Don't Work - Priority Bridge's Cultural Fit Assessment DOES Work!

Thursday, Jun 18, 2020 by -Priority Bridge

4.3 Cultural Fit Tests Don’t Work - Priority Bridge’s Cultural Fit Assessment DOES Work

Oftentimes, conversations discuss how to assess a candidate’s skills and/or competencies. However, when it comes to evaluating cultural fit, the discussions are about interviews, tests, questionnaires, exercises, trial days or references. What you should be trying to uncover is which candidate is most compatible with the organization and the team they will be working with.

  • 92% feel cultural fit is more than just a buzzword
  • 82 % of recruiters believe measuring cultural fit is critica;
  • 54% think organizations have a clear picture of their culture (Cubiks)

Over 35% feel measuring cultural fit is the hardest attribute to measure, yet a bad fit is the major reason for a bad hire.

A better candidate hire results in the following:

  • Reduced Turnover
  • Increased Morale of Others
  • Increased Productivity
  • Increased Effective Use of Management Resources
  • Enhanced Corporate Reputation

Priority Bridge Cultural Fit Assessment

That is why so many methods have been used to try to arrive at a correct method to measure cultural fit. Up until now, there was no valid, reliable and analytically based method. Priority Bridge developed as a product of a Doctoral Research program; the results use high definition analytics based on proven modern mathematically sound groundwork. The application of this work on assessing the fit of a candidate results in unbiased matches to assessments given to the hiring team and other organizational groups.

The assessment is first administered to the hiring team to arrive at a baseline. Then the assessment is administered to candidates. There are no cultural biases as there are in tests. There are no right or wrong answers to the assessment. The result is a blind listing of candidates on how well they are suited as a cultural fit.

Cultural fit tests don’t work. Priority Bridge Cultural Fit Assessment does work.

Priority Bridge LLC. Is dedicated to helping organizations of all types achieve greater success by using a proprietary analytical process that increases the cultural fit of employees to an organization. Eliminate Bad Hires. For Good. Hire right the first time - every time with the right cultural fit using Priority Bridge.

Priority Bridge - “ Strengthening Organizational Culture” Priority Bridge 4.3 Cultural Fit Tests Don’t Work - Priority Bridge’s Cultural Fit Assessment DOES Work

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