4-2 Measuring Cultural Fit

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4 - 2 Measuring Cultural Fit

Finding The Best Cultural Fit Assessment Tool

Searching the web for the best tool to use in assessing cultural fit leads you to some sites that use the antiquated and inefficient Likert scale, sites that provide you with interview questions, and sites that provide you with recruiting tools. It is the same old stuff that has not provided the solutions for improved hiring metrics.

Assessing Fit

There are a number of methods that have been used in assessing cultural fit:

References Have candidates spend time in the environment Standardized tests Informal meetings Multiple face to face interviews Competency tests Getting everyone involved Reviewing resumes Interviews in person/ phone

Test Question:

What is the number one method currently used to measure cultural fit? (The answer is at the end.)

What to Use

These all may serve a purpose, but none of them are able to provide 1) an analytical assessment of what the culture of the hiring team is and 2) an unbiased assessment of the candidates cultural fit.

Many recognize the inherent difficulties of using one or several of these tools in selecting an employee. Instead of cultural fit, they suggest changing the game by using corporate fit, organizational fit, or some other name that still doesn’t address issues of bias, diversity, retention, or cost associated with bad hires.

Best Cultural Fit Assessment Tool

Up until now, an analytical tool eliminating the biases of the interviewers, and that cannot be gamed by the interviewee, has not been available for all size groups. It is now here with Priority Bridge. Later blogs will discuss how Priority Bridge provides the solution.

Answer to Test Question:

The number one method currently used to assess cultural fit is personal interviews, face to face. 

Priority Bridge LLC. Is dedicated to helping organizations of all types achieve greater success by using a proprietary analytical process that increases the cultural fit of employees to an organization. Eliminate bad hires. For Good. Hire right the first time - every time with the right cultural fit using Priority Bridge.

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