2-4 Great Cultural Fit is Like Kismet: Some Things are Just Meant to Be.

Wednesday, Jun 3, 2020 by -Priority Bridge

2- 4: Great Cultural Fit is Like Kismet: Some Things are Just Meant to Be.

Picture this. As you gasp for breath with tears in your eyes after laughing surprisingly hard at a hilarious joke, you wonder how you and a person you met less than five minutes ago at a dinner party can hit it off so well. You then proceed to have an intellectually stimulating conversation about what feels like anything and everything. You both seem to be on the same wavelength, having common interests to bond over, but your differing opinions on other topics and to interesting debates that leave you both with a broader perspective than when you began.

While this is not the case every time when meeting someone new, is it not a great feeling when you just seem to ‘click’ with another person? When it feels like you have been friends for years yet only just met and can carry on interesting conversations about everything from current events to common interests? Having underlying similarities makes both individuals feel more comfortable and thus easily progress forward in the relationship building process rather than simply lingering on how the weather was today. This dynamic can be applied to the hiring process as well.

An applicant may have the ideal qualifications and experience on paper, but if they cannot connect with the interviewer and the feel of a company, then they may not be an ideal candidate for the position. The most experienced and qualified employee will never reach their full productivity potential unless they feel comfortable with the company they work for and are motivated by the people they work with.

Cultural fit is a crucial component that cannot be overlooked during the hiring process. An individual must feel at home with how the business is run and the people they will be working with in order to reach their full productivity potential. Feeling comfortable with the company they work for and connecting with the people they will work with are important considerations to be made. The most qualified applicant on paper may not be the best choice for a company’s unique culture.

An Entrepreneur article noted statistics from a study by Leadership IQ. The study found that 46% of new hires fail within 18 months. Of that 46%, 11% do not have the skills required and 89% could not easily integrate into the environment. These values have significance that professionals involved in the hiring process should take note of. If almost half of new employees are not successful in a new position and nearly 90% of that failure is due to a mismatch of personal character and values and the culture of the company, more emphasis must be placed on cultural fit when considering who to hire. Priority Bridge provides an effective means to accomplish this.

Priority Bridge LLC. is dedicated to helping organizations of all types achieve greater success by using a proprietary analytical process that increases the cultural fit of employees to an organization. Eliminate Bad Hires. For Good. Hire right the first time - every time with the right cultural fit using Priority Bridge.

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