1-2 Part 2 Meeting Settings More Productive HR On-line Meetings

Thursday, May 21, 2020 by -Priority Bridge

Part 2 More Productive HR On-line Meetings


A previous blog, Safeguarding Your Human resources Meetings, discussed steps to be taken before a meeting starts to increase the privacy of your meetings. This blog will discuss what can be done to give the host control once the meeting begins. Control will create better run meetings, eliminate meeting distractions, and improve the outcomes. The host has numerous tools that can be implemented during a meeting. To increase security and improve the efficiency of on-line meetings, the host needs to master the in-meeting menu.

  1. Locking the meeting. a. The meeting can be locked from the security menu. Any additional attendees will be prohibited.
  2. Turn on the Waiting Room ( if not already done). a. Allows host to manage new attendees to the meeting. b. A good idea is to leave it on as a default. c. Attendees are admitted under the foresight of the host. d. Host is alerted who is in waiting room. e. Host can message those in waiting room of any delays etc. f. Meeting guidelines can be added to waiting room. g. Host can remove participants back to waiting room or exclude them from the meeting.
  3. Manage the Meeting. a. Determine if you want attendees to share their screens or limit it to only the host
  4. Managing the Chat function. a. Chat can be distracting during a call. The host can turn the chat function on or off during the call.
  5. Manage Annotation Function. a. Avoid unsought annotation for all or part of meeting.
  6. Attendees Mute a. Host can mute all attendees, and limit their ability to unmute
  7. Eliminate Uninvited Attendees. a. Host can get rid of participants from meeting and eliminate their ability to rejoin.

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